Lasers have become a foundation of cosmetic medicine thanks to their ability to safely and efficiently repair and improve such a wide range of areas on the body. From laser hair removal to laser eye correction, is there anything lasers can’t do?

The FOX laser is one of the newest and most revolutionary lasers available to date available at our St. Petersbug plastic surgeon office. As the only calibrateable laser in the world, it is the only laser that can provide reliably adjusted power output. This newfound security allows the laser to treat a host of problems with the highest chances of success.

Vascular Treatment

vein damageSpider veins are never a welcome sight. Though these small, thin blue blood vessels are harmless, many feel self-conscious about the marks on their legs. Rather than hiding your gorgeous legs in pants all summer, trust the FOX laser treatment with a combination of tampa Juvederm Voluma to be used to focus beams of light to target the blood pigment in your unwanted veins to destroy the vein. Over a month’s time, your vein will be reabsorbed into your body and disappear. The result will ultimately be smooth, blemish free legs that you are eager to show off.

Fat Removal

FOX laser provides the ultimate alternative to liposuction by destroying unwanted deposits of fat without damaging the surrounding skin. The thermal effect of the laser is able to treat the neck, hips, face, upper arms, abs, knees, and more by making a miniscule insertion into the skin to attack the fat. Even better, Tampa FOX fat removal tightens the skin as it works to create a more contoured appearance.

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a common issue that often goes untreated. The FOX laser can resolve that problem by removing the fungus that is so dangerous to the health of your nails. It’s the easiest procedure you’ll ever experience! Each nail requires only two minutes, and the entire process is virtually painless. In less than the length of your lunch break you can completely revive your nails with FOX laser.

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