old hands youngThink about every time throughout the day that you use your hands. Typing, washing dishes, cooking, driving, eating, exercising, and the list goes on! It’s no wonder that your hands age even faster than your face. Though most cosmetic enhancements focus on eliminating signs of aging from the face, the hands often need some TLC as well. As time passes, your hands lose fat padding and plumpness, causing the underlying structure to appear bony with visible tendons, bones, and veins.

Hand creams and sunscreen application are great proactive measures, but what if your hands need a true overall to feel attractive once again? It’s easy to take for granted the appearance of the hands until they have surrendered to signs of aging. Fortunately, the same technological developments that plump the face while wiping away signs of aging can now work in the hands too! This so-called “hand lift” or hand augmentation will give you fuller, healthier looking hands without the bulges, boniness, and discoloration associated with age.

A hand augmentation is extremely quick and simple using a dermal filler like Radiesse or Juvederm (click here), which is now FDA-approved for use in the hands.

Radesse is a dermal filler that adds volume to the skin while concurrently triggering the body to produce more collagen to naturally heal and replenish the skin. Radiesse harnesses the power of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) suspended in a gel carrier that provides volume immediately upon injection.  CaHA doesn’t stop its work once your hands transform, but instead stimulates collagen growth inside the body for natural skin rejuvenation. A whopping 98% of patients treated with Radiesse for a hand augmentation reported improvements within 3 months of treatment!

Results of a hand lift last about one year, at which time you can return for another quick treatment. Never again will you be forced to accept hands that show more aging than you feel!

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