Warts are widely known as unsightly and undesirable skin blemishes, but until now very few bearable or pleasant options existed to eliminate warts permanently. Thanks to sophisticated laser technology and a popular tampa medi spa, you no longer have to live with a wart that just doesn’t want to go away

More About Warts
Warts are skin growths caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). You may recognize HPV as the three-round vaccination that all boys and girls are encouraged to get around puberty, but the HPV strain that causes warts is different. Wart growths are unattractive skin masses, but some could also potentially be cancerous.

Warts range dramatically in shape and size, from plantar warts on the feet to flat warts that can sprout anywhere on the body. A wart can usually be recognized by its rough surface and black pinpoint spots at the top created by small clotted capillaries.

Standard treatments like Juvederm tampa have for years have been restricted to using duct tape, freezing warts, or using a odorous salicylic-acid liquid to dissolve the protein in the wart.

Laser Treatment Basics
Laser surgery harnesses intense beams of light and carefully focuses them to emit a specific wavelength of light in order to target an unwanted element of the body. The skin irregularity receives the laser’s light and ultimately bursts or dies, making way for fresh and healthy skin.

About Laser Treatment for Warts

Just like other laser procedures, allumera red light laser surgery for a wart simply uses the laser’s intense light beams to burn and destroy wart tissue. It’s a very quick treatment that causes only minor side effects like soreness, possible discharge from the location of the removed wart, and slight bleeding.

Laser wart treatment is a great option for people who have unsightly warts that are not responding to other medical options, or people suffering from widespread warts around the body.

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