You’ve heard the phrase, “warts and all,” but why accept skin warts if you don’t have to? Thanks to technological advancements, wart treatment has come quite a long way. Gone are the days of fumbling around with over-the-counter salicylic acid that smells awful. Lasers are now the next best thing in laser treatment.

wart removalWhat Are Warts?

Warts are actually tumors caused by the human papillomavirus infection, also known as HPV. Although HPV is often associated with cancer, the type of HPV that generates warts is not dangerous or cancerous. They typically affect one sole part of the body, but since warts are contagious they can spread to other parts of the body if they are picked.

Old Wart Treatments

If left alone for 18 months, a wart is likely to disappear on its own, but who wants to wait a full 18 months? There are a host of laser treatments available to speed up that timeline, but each has its downfall.

The most commonly used wart treatment is Salicylic acid either in drops, gels, pads, or plasters. It works by dissolving the protein that makes up the wart and thick layer of dead skin under it. Aerosol freezing sprays are also available, both over-the-counter and doctor-applied. These methods don’t always work and require a great deal of patience. Warts may not be painful, but they are frustrating, even more so when they just won’t go away.

Laser Wart Treatment

Lasers now offer a fool-proof way to finally get rid of warts for good without the uncertainty of other methods. Laser surgery uses an intense beam of light to burn and destroy the wart tissue. This is the most viable option when other medicines have failed, the warts are widespread, or the patient is pregnant and cannot undergo other treatments.

Though this method does require local anesthetic, it works wonders for large, hard-to-cure warts without any scarring and can be done at your local cosmetic center. Furthermore, the laser only kills the warts, not the skin around it, so you can enjoy a very targeted treatment.

Don’t suffer from bothersome warts and inconsistent treatments for one more minute. Choose laser removal instead for a direct and easy solution.

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