img-fitness-t180Keeping up a regular exercise routine is a rewarding achievement that brings with it a number of benefits including a firm, toned body and improved health. But what happens when you get overwhelmed with work and family priorities and skimp out on the Tampa gym for a few weeks… or months?

While taking a break for a few days every once in awhile actually allows your body to recuperate and hit the gym with renewed vigor, taking a break for more than a week can send you into serious backward progress.

Working out is an excellent form of release for your body. It allows your physical and mental processes to essentially burn away toxins and rejuvenate. Exercising can also improve brain function, coordination, sleep habits, blood pressure, and food choices. So it makes sense that a sudden decrease or complete elimination of exercise for more than a week will suddenly strip your system of those many benefits. You may find yourself gaining weight, feeling fatigued, and battling bad moods. Even just one quick exercise can pump the body with happy mood endorphins that will make you more likely to exercise again tomorrow. If you can’t do it on your own consider a Tampa Bay personal trainer to help encourage you to get started and continue.

There is a very complex process that takes place in your body when you stop exercising, and the experts call it detraining. You will slowly but surely lose the progress you’ve made over the past few months as your muscles weaken and your endurance fades. The good news is that it only takes a week or so of renewed regular workouts to overcome the detraining and get your body back to where it should be. Weight loss tampa platforms like a trainer can help you get back into shape.

Blood Sugar Dysfunction
Exercise and blood sugar are inseparably linked. Muscles and tissues play an important role in changing glucose into stored energy for later use, but skipping workouts consistently means that glucose accumulates and begins putting you at risk of diabetes and weight gain. The body is an incredible place, and within one week of exercising you can eliminate these risks and return to a healthy, smoothly functioning system.

It goes without saying that regular exercise is definitely worth the time and effort!

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