Breasts may have originated as a way for mothers to feed their babies, but they have become a symbol of much more in modern society. Due to the association of breasts with all things sensual and sexual, cosmetic breast surgery has become one of the most popular procedure for women looking to feel more confident about their appearance.

Perhaps you are considering a breast surgery to take care of sagging or uneven breasts, or maybe you are just not happy with your chest size. It can be difficult to know exactly which procedure—a lift or an augmentation—is most appropriate for your situation. While only a certified Tampa plastic surgery center can address your exact needs, this list can help you focus on the route that might be best for you.  

If You Are Seeking Perkiness…

Breast Augmentation

Many women are happy with the size of their breasts, but feel frustrated or insecure by the toll age, weight loss, pregnancy, or breast feeding has taken on the breasts’ firmness and perkiness. If you fall into this category, you don’t need a Tampa breast augmentation, because that will simply make your breasts bigger without changing anything else. Your best choice is a breast lift because the procedure will lift your breast tissue and remove excess skin so that your breasts sit higher on your chest. The end result will have your breasts looking firmer, younger, and perkier.

If You Want Larger, Higher Breasts…

If you fall into the category above but also wish your breasts were more substantial, you should talk to your plastic surgeon about a breast lift and breast augmentation combination. This is a very popular choice that provides women with firmer, perkier breasts that are also the size of their choosing.  

If You Just Want Bigger Breasts…

Perhaps you are perfectly happy with the direction of your breasts and you simply want them to be bigger. The answer is a standard breast augmentation, which will keep your breasts looking the same in a larger size.

Your plastic surgeon will guide you through these options in more depth so that you can thoroughly understand the implications of each. For more information visit

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