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Are You a Candidate for a Breast Augmentation or Lift?

Breasts may have originated as a way for mothers to feed their babies, but they have become a symbol of much more in modern society. Due to the association of breasts with all things sensual and sexual, cosmetic breast surgery has become one of the most popular procedure for women looking to feel more confident about their appearance.

Perhaps you are considering a breast surgery to take care of sagging or uneven breasts, or maybe you are just not happy with your chest size. It can be difficult to know exactly which procedure—a lift or an augmentation—is most appropriate for your situation. While only a certified Tampa plastic surgery center can address your exact needs, this list can help you focus on the route that might be best for you.  

If You Are Seeking Perkiness…

Breast Augmentation

Many women are happy with the size of their breasts, but feel frustrated or insecure by the toll age, weight loss, pregnancy, or breast feeding has taken on the breasts’ firmness and perkiness. If you fall into this category, you don’t need a Tampa breast augmentation, because that will simply make your breasts bigger without changing anything else. Your best choice is a breast lift because the procedure will lift your breast tissue and remove excess skin so that your breasts sit higher on your chest. The end result will have your breasts looking firmer, younger, and perkier.

If You Want Larger, Higher Breasts…

If you fall into the category above but also wish your breasts were more substantial, you should talk to your plastic surgeon about a breast lift and breast augmentation combination. This is a very popular choice that provides women with firmer, perkier breasts that are also the size of their choosing.  

If You Just Want Bigger Breasts…

Perhaps you are perfectly happy with the direction of your breasts and you simply want them to be bigger. The answer is a standard breast augmentation, which will keep your breasts looking the same in a larger size.

Your plastic surgeon will guide you through these options in more depth so that you can thoroughly understand the implications of each. For more information visit

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Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

Supplements have become a billion dollar industry in America, with sales reaching to more than $30 billion in 2012. There’s no doubt that dietary supplements can definitely play a vital role in helping a person to improve health and wellness, but unfortunately not all supplements are created equal. The FDA does not regulate supplements, which means that the 20 percent of people using supplements for heart health run the risk of interfering with their existing medications or health conditions. If you suffer from cardiovascular disease risk factor or have been diagnosed with heart disease, these supplements and herbs are not for you. You should see a Bradenton cardiologist instead.


Also known as l-Arginine, this amino acid exists naturally in the body and plays an important role in dilating and relaxing the arteries to alleviate high blood pressure and angina. However, Arginine and supplement form doesn’t always bring about such positive results. According to a study at John Hopkins, “L-Arginine does not improve vascular stiffness measurements or ejection fraction and may be associated with higher post-infarction mortality.” Six of the patients in the John Hopkins study actually died, compared to zero deaths in the placebo group, which certainly raises questions of safety.


We hear so much about the importance of calcium for bone health, especially in “Got Milk?” commercials and from our doctors. It is estimated that 70 percent of older women take calcium supplements to protect the strength of their bones as they age. However, John Hopkins Medicine recently determined that calcium supplements put the body at risk of plaque buildup in the arteries, which leads to heart damage. The key is to balance calcium with vitamin D and vitamin K2 and practice Florida Bemer therapy because both of those vitamins manage calcium and prevent it from depositing itself into other tissues.
Overall, it’s always wise to speak to your cardiologist before taking any supplements. Research continually uncovers new benefits and dangers of supplements, so you should remain fully aware of any potential impacts on your cardiovascular system.

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Are You Ready for the Kettlebell?

We all know that you can head to the gym to lift free weights and use the guided machines, but what about the kettlebell? This not-so-new fitness tool has taken the world by storm and is now the newest favorite in Tampa gyms across the country. Are you ready to enjoy some kettlebell madness next time you show up for a sweat session?


About the Kettlebell
A kettlebell looks very much like the name implies: it is a cast iron ball with a handle attached to the top, and the design looks like a tea kettle with a spout that goes all the way around to the other side.

Some people feel that they are redundant, since dumbbells already exist for use in free weights, but kettlebells don’t distribute their weight evenly like dumbbells. This is significant because the unbalanced weight forces you to counter balance and stabilize during your workouts—and what do you use to counter balance and stabilize? Your other muscles and, most importantly, your core! A kettlebell workout for your arms is really a kettlebell workout for your entire body!

The Most Convincing Reasons to Try Kettlebells
Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you’ve never tried them before! It’s time to add kettlebells to your routine for some valuable variety and muscle training.

First of all, kettlebells build balance, power, and muscle at the same time. If you use the right three-dimensional movements with the kettlebells, you will target multiple muscles at once so that a 16 rep set does the work of a 48 or 64 rep set. You can even swing your kettlebell in different directions and use your muscles to control the momentum. Your legs, butt, abs, and other muscles you forgot you even had will start to look leaner in no time.

Kettlebells will even make daily tasks much easier as your body gains strength, and you’ll notice that you lose stubborn weight easily says Karen Style, a Tampa personal trainer. Since strategic kettlebell workouts can tighten and tone your body, stores of fat won’t have much business hanging around your thighs, stomach, or arms anymore.

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you to drive straight to your gym and ask for the kettlebells, exercising with them will also improve your posture, since good form is so important to true kettlebell routines. The entire structure of your back and abs must stay straight, like you’re wearing an impossibly stiff corset, for the exercises to make the most impact. The result is a taller, leaner figure!

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Can Lasers Battle Warts?

Warts are widely known as unsightly and undesirable skin blemishes, but until now very few bearable or pleasant options existed to eliminate warts permanently. Thanks to sophisticated laser technology and a popular tampa medi spa, you no longer have to live with a wart that just doesn’t want to go away

More About Warts
Warts are skin growths caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). You may recognize HPV as the three-round vaccination that all boys and girls are encouraged to get around puberty, but the HPV strain that causes warts is different. Wart growths are unattractive skin masses, but some could also potentially be cancerous.

Warts range dramatically in shape and size, from plantar warts on the feet to flat warts that can sprout anywhere on the body. A wart can usually be recognized by its rough surface and black pinpoint spots at the top created by small clotted capillaries.

Standard treatments like Juvederm tampa have for years have been restricted to using duct tape, freezing warts, or using a odorous salicylic-acid liquid to dissolve the protein in the wart.

Laser Treatment Basics
Laser surgery harnesses intense beams of light and carefully focuses them to emit a specific wavelength of light in order to target an unwanted element of the body. The skin irregularity receives the laser’s light and ultimately bursts or dies, making way for fresh and healthy skin.

About Laser Treatment for Warts

Just like other laser procedures, allumera red light laser surgery for a wart simply uses the laser’s intense light beams to burn and destroy wart tissue. It’s a very quick treatment that causes only minor side effects like soreness, possible discharge from the location of the removed wart, and slight bleeding.

Laser wart treatment is a great option for people who have unsightly warts that are not responding to other medical options, or people suffering from widespread warts around the body.

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Surprising Ways Your Body Suffers Without Fitness

img-fitness-t180Keeping up a regular exercise routine is a rewarding achievement that brings with it a number of benefits including a firm, toned body and improved health. But what happens when you get overwhelmed with work and family priorities and skimp out on the Tampa gym for a few weeks… or months?

While taking a break for a few days every once in awhile actually allows your body to recuperate and hit the gym with renewed vigor, taking a break for more than a week can send you into serious backward progress.

Working out is an excellent form of release for your body. It allows your physical and mental processes to essentially burn away toxins and rejuvenate. Exercising can also improve brain function, coordination, sleep habits, blood pressure, and food choices. So it makes sense that a sudden decrease or complete elimination of exercise for more than a week will suddenly strip your system of those many benefits. You may find yourself gaining weight, feeling fatigued, and battling bad moods. Even just one quick exercise can pump the body with happy mood endorphins that will make you more likely to exercise again tomorrow. If you can’t do it on your own consider a Tampa Bay personal trainer to help encourage you to get started and continue.

There is a very complex process that takes place in your body when you stop exercising, and the experts call it detraining. You will slowly but surely lose the progress you’ve made over the past few months as your muscles weaken and your endurance fades. The good news is that it only takes a week or so of renewed regular workouts to overcome the detraining and get your body back to where it should be. Weight loss tampa platforms like a trainer can help you get back into shape.

Blood Sugar Dysfunction
Exercise and blood sugar are inseparably linked. Muscles and tissues play an important role in changing glucose into stored energy for later use, but skipping workouts consistently means that glucose accumulates and begins putting you at risk of diabetes and weight gain. The body is an incredible place, and within one week of exercising you can eliminate these risks and return to a healthy, smoothly functioning system.

It goes without saying that regular exercise is definitely worth the time and effort!

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How FOX Lasers Can Treat Excess Fat, Vein Damage, and More!

Lasers have become a foundation of cosmetic medicine thanks to their ability to safely and efficiently repair and improve such a wide range of areas on the body. From laser hair removal to laser eye correction, is there anything lasers can’t do?

The FOX laser is one of the newest and most revolutionary lasers available to date available at our St. Petersbug plastic surgeon office. As the only calibrateable laser in the world, it is the only laser that can provide reliably adjusted power output. This newfound security allows the laser to treat a host of problems with the highest chances of success.

Vascular Treatment

vein damageSpider veins are never a welcome sight. Though these small, thin blue blood vessels are harmless, many feel self-conscious about the marks on their legs. Rather than hiding your gorgeous legs in pants all summer, trust the FOX laser treatment with a combination of tampa Juvederm Voluma to be used to focus beams of light to target the blood pigment in your unwanted veins to destroy the vein. Over a month’s time, your vein will be reabsorbed into your body and disappear. The result will ultimately be smooth, blemish free legs that you are eager to show off.

Fat Removal

FOX laser provides the ultimate alternative to liposuction by destroying unwanted deposits of fat without damaging the surrounding skin. The thermal effect of the laser is able to treat the neck, hips, face, upper arms, abs, knees, and more by making a miniscule insertion into the skin to attack the fat. Even better, Tampa FOX fat removal tightens the skin as it works to create a more contoured appearance.

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a common issue that often goes untreated. The FOX laser can resolve that problem by removing the fungus that is so dangerous to the health of your nails. It’s the easiest procedure you’ll ever experience! Each nail requires only two minutes, and the entire process is virtually painless. In less than the length of your lunch break you can completely revive your nails with FOX laser.

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Hand Augmentation Can Transform Your Appearance in Minutes!

old hands youngThink about every time throughout the day that you use your hands. Typing, washing dishes, cooking, driving, eating, exercising, and the list goes on! It’s no wonder that your hands age even faster than your face. Though most cosmetic enhancements focus on eliminating signs of aging from the face, the hands often need some TLC as well. As time passes, your hands lose fat padding and plumpness, causing the underlying structure to appear bony with visible tendons, bones, and veins.

Hand creams and sunscreen application are great proactive measures, but what if your hands need a true overall to feel attractive once again? It’s easy to take for granted the appearance of the hands until they have surrendered to signs of aging. Fortunately, the same technological developments that plump the face while wiping away signs of aging can now work in the hands too! This so-called “hand lift” or hand augmentation will give you fuller, healthier looking hands without the bulges, boniness, and discoloration associated with age.

A hand augmentation is extremely quick and simple using a dermal filler like Radiesse or Juvederm (click here), which is now FDA-approved for use in the hands.

Radesse is a dermal filler that adds volume to the skin while concurrently triggering the body to produce more collagen to naturally heal and replenish the skin. Radiesse harnesses the power of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) suspended in a gel carrier that provides volume immediately upon injection.  CaHA doesn’t stop its work once your hands transform, but instead stimulates collagen growth inside the body for natural skin rejuvenation. A whopping 98% of patients treated with Radiesse for a hand augmentation reported improvements within 3 months of treatment!

Results of a hand lift last about one year, at which time you can return for another quick treatment. Never again will you be forced to accept hands that show more aging than you feel!

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